Sample Menus

Many people have asked what I’ve been eating to achieve and maintain my transformation. Viola! Here you will find several sample menus with all my dietary quirks on display.

Most of these reflect my eating habits in “maintenance” mode. I’ll try to throw up a few from my more austere times. You’ll see that I am not the “cleanest” eater, but I do try to incorporate fruits, veggies, whole grains, and protein into my diet. I eat a lot of dairy protein to support the strength training. I’ve done protein supplements in a past life, but I prefer to use my calories for real food with more texture.

I am also trying to cut the cord from Weight Watchers Online and move to the free My Fitness Pal. The Menu feature is forcing me to try it out. I am still partial to WW, though. Calorie counting was never as fun as counting points. Although, I never tried a smart phone app before joining WW.

I can already see this will be a good exercise for me to better understand what works and what doesn’t