Thank God it’s summer! I was actually ready to wake up when my alarm rang at 6:15 this morning. Unfortunately, so were O&Z. The children in this house take the old “early bird gets the worm” to heart. In this case, the worm is an iPad.

Anyhow, I despise WordPress. It’s a spam magnet. Memes selling Air Jordans weren’t exactly the wider audience I had in mind. What’s a girl to do? Excuses, excuses.

I started this blog in an attempt to engage with others and share my story. It was also a way to keep things interesting as I started 2013 feeling a bit anxious about maintaining my progress and setting new goals. Winter was a beast – in a first world, white collar problem sort of way. Career opportunity misses and lack of focus begot stress and some sort of guilt, which seemed to trigger loss of will power in the face of sugar.

Damn you, sugar! You make me feel crappy, but I love you so.

In order to avoid the death spiral into negativity, I shall recap my high points: 5K PR, finished my first 10K race, lessons learned about interviewing for management positions, getting out more with friends, first plane ride with three kids, 3 days at Disney Parks with no nap or stroller, O&Z are potty trained, kept up the exercise regimen, tried new workouts, still wearing the same size clothes.

Well, if I do it like that, my winter was pretty awesome! I haven’t written a post in forever because I’ve had some really awesome business trips, read some books, played with the kids, and kept up with my General Hospital addiction.

Why did I even initially say that winter was so tough? I suppose part of it is some form of seasonal affective disorder. But maybe it’s because I had to manage daily feelings of anxiety about gaining weight and guilt about not doing _____ (fill in the blank) even better.

As June approaches, I will regroup. Focus on productive emotions. Fix that damn sore shoulder. Keep on running.

Stay cool, folks! And I promise a full Sketchers Go Run-down next post.