Habits Undone

I am a terrible blogger. So many habits have been undone. Life is constant change and motion!

First, the triumphs:

No, I haven’t been avoiding the blog because the sleep training went wrong. My behavior modification worked like a charm. Miss Z now proudly proclaims that she “didn’t cry” last night or upon awakening. Her bro is a bit more challenging, as he enjoys a little game of cat and mouse before calling it a night. Lights ablaze in the room, though. We are working on that.

Daytime potty training – Yay!

Blasted my 5K goal – Yes!


Time change has killed me. My punishment for sleeping in – dealing with 3 small children under the influence of peak cortisol levels and zero coffee load. Must try harder tomorrow.

I am slowly recovering my focus after attempts to switch gears with my professional goals. It is a work in progress, but everything happens for a reason!

Diet has been challenging. Too much sugar in the diet lately and my ab flab is not ready for summer. Good thing it still feels like winter around here (not really). And, thank God for tankinis. Perhaps a change in weather will motivate some more outdoor running!

That’s the scoop. I couldn’t face the cold today for a run, so I did some TurboFire in the climate-controlled studio I call my family room. I am still contemplating a last-minute sign-up for my first 10K race on Saturday. Encouragement welcomed.

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