Entering the Asylum

Here I am in my post-vacation glory (same weight as the day of departure):
Asylum Day 1

Last week was quite a time for M&M+3! The 3 troops were generally awesome, notwithstanding the usual whining and tantrums. It was nice to have so much nuclear family time.

I also gained some closure regarding some professional opportunities I’d been pursuing to the point of impending stomach ulcers. Didn’t get the promotion. Now that my ego has healed (after some rumination and with help from the happiest place on earth), I am generally relieved and in the mindset that it wasn’t meant to be.

This morning I was free to start fresh, get focused, and move ahead. I have a 5K on 3/19 and decided to switch up the training a bit. So, in addition to running, I started the Asylum program today. I did a Speed & Agility workout. It was killer. I’ve been hungry ever since.

Until tomorrow…

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