Be. Feel. Accept. Move On.

As winter drags on and stress catches up with me, I am focusing on feeling comfortable with whatever emotional state I feel, but not allowing the hibernation urge to take over.

I’ve been battling a cold and the horrible feeling of waiting for someone else to make a decision that has the potential to change my current trajectory. I feel so impatient and exhausted from the stress. Instead of running from these uncomfortable feelings, I am working on just being with them. I am hereby acknowledging that I am not functioning at 100% positivity and energy. I am feeling and accepting this moment, and slowly moving on. I usually exercise through most minor illnesses, but my body is begging for rest, so I am honoring it, for now.

How do you manage uncomfortable states & emotions? How do you know when to stop and rest vs. when to push through?

This, too, shall pass….

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