Chi: Is it for me?

I recently read an article in Runner’s World Magazine, “Find Your Chi (Running)”. Chi Running is a method designed to reduce effort and avoid injury. I was intrigued.

I pulled back from my running last September, after achieving the ability to run 10K. I never thought I’d run that far, so I was pleased. Unfortunately, my knees started clicking and my left hip was a bit sore. I decided to back off in order to avoid major injury, but I couldn’t stay away for too long.

I am back to running, and have some goals in mind. One of them is to actually register for a 10K and complete it in, oh, 56 minutes.

I confess that I did not do my strength training workout yesterday as planned. Sleep won. Then there was chocolate lava cake….

So, today I decided to venture outdoors for some Vitamin D and a chilly run. I somewhat arbitrarily chose 50 min or 5 miles as my goal and decided to focus on some of the Chi Running principles: Shorten my stride and increase cadence; power from the core; and avoid the cross-body arm swing.

Holy Crap! I think I’m hooked, and I have only read an article on it! I usually start to fall apart by mile 4 – either pain or fatigue set in. None of that today! Also, my pace was pretty consistent, except for the long downhill in mile 2. In fact, the 9:30 min/mile average really did seem relatively effortless! The 10K in 56 is right there!

I can’t wait to learn more. I am thinking of buying the book. Has anyone else used Chi Running training plans? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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