Loving Deliberately

Happy Valentine’s to All! I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it is PTSD from my single years. Or, maybe its just a dumb commercial holiday.

I was amused to hear today’s topic on our local public radio show, “Radio Times“: Learning about love from arranged marriages. Aside from shared values, backgrounds, and family support, the key element discussed was the commitment to deliberately develop a loving relationship. This was contrasted with Western norms of love at first sight and finding a soul mate.

I am not a hearts and flowers kind of girl. Ten years ago tonight, Mike and I made a deliberate choice to create a loving relationship. Best decision ever!

Mike, you are my foundation! I could not stand so tall without your constant support. I love the life (lives) we have created, and look forward to decades more!

So, my Valentine’s wish for all is that you love deliberately. Love is not out of your control, nor can it be neglected. It takes real work, and it has nothing to do with candy or flowers.

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