Longest Week EVER!

Sorry I fell of the wagon with the daily updates. Mike thought this implied that I’d gone completely off the rails and didn’t want to share the defeat. This was not completely the case, but last week was quite the roller coaster ride. Eastern storms also held me up until Saturday, making this the longest business trip in several years.

Let’s see….my last update was Wednesday morning. Tuesday night was the high note – a big celebration dinner with dancing. I hit the wall on Wednesday and was more than ready to head home when the snowmaggedon rumors began. I was slated to return home Friday night, but the flight was already cancelled by Thursday morning. Finding my family on the other side of airport security when I finally arrived home on Saturday afternoon was pure bliss!

Here is the report on surviving my long trip:

EXERCISE!!! I pushed the workouts hard, starting with the bonus run on Monday. Early wake-ups on Tues, Wed, and Friday for more running, some high intensity intervals, and stretching. I danced for at least 90 minutes on Tuesday night, and ended up with 2 workouts on Friday (am and pm).

Food – Good thing I exercised, because my defenses were totally obliterated in the face of Texas BBQ, Mexican buffet, and tempting desserts! I did manage to begin every day with a healthy breakfast and skipped the extra afternoon snacks (stuck to my apple). This helped.

Alcohol – Well, I exceeded the 2-3 drink max on Tuesday and Thursday, but never so much that I awoke with a headache. I drank my first margarita in more than a year.

Sleep – This was my big deficiency. I don’t think I exceeded 7 hours any night. Most were 5-6. Needless to say, I was in bed before 8:00 on Saturday night, and 11 hours still left me wanting.

What was the end result? I am still tired. The scale revealed a 0.4 lb gain – not bad for exceeding my calorie target by at least 3,000 calories for the week.

Lessons learned – If I focus on doing a few things really well (like exercise and breakfast), I can afford to indulge in other areas. I’d still like to work on the sleep.

Back out overnight on Tuesday….and it continues.

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