Monthly Archives: February 2013

Be. Feel. Accept. Move On.

As winter drags on and stress catches up with me, I am focusing on feeling comfortable with whatever emotional state… Continue reading »

Chi: Is it for me?

I recently read an article in Runner’s World Magazine, “Find Your Chi (Running)”. Chi Running is a method designed to… Continue reading »

Loving Deliberately

Happy Valentine’s to All! I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it is PTSD from my single years…. Continue reading »

Recovering from Business Travel

One of my biggest challenges is recovering from a long business trip – the unpacking, exhaustion, domestic duties, and reorganizing… Continue reading »

Longest Week EVER!

Sorry I fell of the wagon with the daily updates. Mike thought this implied that I’d gone completely off the… Continue reading »

The 5-day Business Trip: Prep

The stress has been mounting. Tomorrow at 5 am, I will leave home for a 5-day business trip. I’ve been… Continue reading »

What About the Kids?

Mike pointed out to me the lack of attention I’ve given to the mom-related stuff in my writing. That’s because… Continue reading »