Monthly Archives: January 2013

Conquering the Day Trip

I set off for a day trip around 7:00 this morning. Nothing too stressful on the schedule – just a… Continue reading »

Winter Doldrums & an Oatmeal Recipe

Another rough morning has been conquered. It wasn’t easy. Scheduling exercise first thing in the morning requires strong will for… Continue reading »


tran•si•tion (trn-zshn, -ssh-) n. 1. Passage from one form, state, style, or place to another. I just finished a 3-month… Continue reading »

Travel triumphs and testing my pizza theory

I am happily back in my home office, with a 2-night business trip fading from memory. Before I forget, here… Continue reading »

Modified Insanity: Yes, You CAN!

After seeing my initial results from Insanity last year, several of my friends and family members have given it a… Continue reading »

Business Travel

I mentioned earlier this week that I’ll have some upcoming travel. Tonight I’ll leave the frozen Northeast and head for… Continue reading »

High Maintenance

main•tain tr.v. main•tained, main•tain•ing, main•tains 1. To keep up or carry on; continue: maintain good relations. 2. To keep… Continue reading »

Master Planning and Some Philosophy

I have a few challenging weeks ahead, fraught with business travel, pressure situations, birthday party temptations, and mandatory fun. Let’s… Continue reading »

The REAL reason I got in shape was….

so I could shop at places like Athleta and Lululemon and actually feel like I belong. Ok. Ok. This was… Continue reading »

Flexibility and Strength Potential

Flexible Part of Speech: adjective Definition: pliable, bendable Synonyms: adjustable, bending, ductile, elastic, extensible, extensile, flexile, formable, formative, impressionable, like… Continue reading »