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Thank God it’s summer! I was actually ready to wake up when my alarm rang at 6:15 this morning. Unfortunately,… Continue reading »

Habits Undone

I am a terrible blogger. So many habits have been undone. Life is constant change and motion! First, the triumphs:… Continue reading »

Recovering from Business Travel

One of my biggest challenges is recovering from a long business trip – the unpacking, exhaustion, domestic duties, and reorganizing… Continue reading »

Longest Week EVER!

Sorry I fell of the wagon with the daily updates. Mike thought this implied that I’d gone completely off the… Continue reading »

The 5-day Business Trip: Prep

The stress has been mounting. Tomorrow at 5 am, I will leave home for a 5-day business trip. I’ve been… Continue reading »

Conquering the Day Trip

I set off for a day trip around 7:00 this morning. Nothing too stressful on the schedule – just a… Continue reading »

Winter Doldrums & an Oatmeal Recipe

Another rough morning has been conquered. It wasn’t easy. Scheduling exercise first thing in the morning requires strong will for… Continue reading »

Travel triumphs and testing my pizza theory

I am happily back in my home office, with a 2-night business trip fading from memory. Before I forget, here… Continue reading »

Modified Insanity: Yes, You CAN!

After seeing my initial results from Insanity last year, several of my friends and family members have given it a… Continue reading »

Business Travel

I mentioned earlier this week that I’ll have some upcoming travel. Tonight I’ll leave the frozen Northeast and head for… Continue reading »